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Eric Twiggs & Ted Fells, will inspire you to maximize your potential. Eric is Your Procrastination Prevention Partner, and the Author of “The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination.” Ted is the Super CEO, Business Strategist Extraordinaire, and all around good guy! This is Not Your Everyday Podcast!

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Ted Fells

Business Strategist

Eric Twiggs

 Author of The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination

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The 30 Minute Hour™
The 30 Minute Hour is a personal development podcast for entrepreneurs who are looking to level up and become UNSTOPPABLE! You will laugh, learn, and level up as you listen! Support this podcast:
How To Find Purpose That's Greater Than Your Situation
by Eric Twiggs and Ted Fells

“Curator of a Bigger Vision Within,” Mark Smith specializes in speaking from his personal experience of trials and tribulations in life.

His desire to chronicle CHOICES and share the “journey” of his life, resonates with everyone at our core personally and professionally.

He is an award winning STRIVE (Support Training Results in Valuable Employees) trainer at the Center for Urban Families in Baltimore MD.  His teachings and guidance have changed the lives of thousands of men and women not only in Maryland, but nationwide.

With his podcast “The Process,”  he outlines and breaks down SITUATIONS we all go through, and offers insight on methods to weather the storms in life.  Known for his clever use of acronyms within his messages, Smith gives listeners a way to remember key points as we GROW FORWARD.

Mark’s vision statement of “Your Why is Greater Than Your Situation Which is Part of Your PROCESS,” gives us the perspective that we are always GROWING.

Listen NOW as we discuss, “How To Find Purpose That’s Greater Than Your Situation.”

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